About Shoot the Hills

Shoot the Hills is an official fundraiser of the Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park, and all proceeds are used to build and maintain photo-friendly wildlife blinds and habitats within the Park. These special areas currently include nesting boxes and feeding stations for local and migrating waterfowl and wildlife, a gazebo-style photo hut on Rose Lake, and a butterfly habitat and garden.

The contest is open to pros and amateurs alike, but digital entries must be captured within a specified 24-hour period (from 12:00 pm (noon) on Friday to 12:00 pm (noon) on Saturday).  Digital entries must also have been made within the four-county coverage area of the Hocking Hills Region.  (See rules for more details.)

The digital competition is the 24-hour photo contest. Registration will begin mid February.

The Hocking Hills State Park is a photographer’s paradise in the spring! It is home to four primary waterfalls and many smaller seasonal waterfalls in a diverse geographic region that includes unique caves and rock shelters, sandstone cliffs and deep gorges. Additionally, the Park encompasses Conkle’s Hollow State Nature Preserve, which has a diversity of plant and animal species.

In April, wildflowers dot the landscapes and forest floors. More than 25 miles of hiking trails wind through 2,356 acres of the State Park that adjoin over 9,200 acres of nearby State Forest land. This is a must-see for any serious nature photographer!

Shoot the Hills Photography Weekend includes a variety of photography programs, including presentations from NANPA members.