A majority of the photography on this site is the imagery of four photographers local to the Hocking Hills State Park region.  A specials thanks to the following photographers who are sharing with the world what they have seen through their camera lens.  Please visit their websites and contact them directly regarding their work and services they can provide to you on your next visit to Hocking Hills in southeast Ohio.

Jerry Jividen – Board Member

Jerry JividenJerry Jividen is a Charter member and one of the original founders of Friends of the Hocking Hills State Park. He is an avid outdoorsman and a long-time professional nature photographer. Along with his wife and business partner Barbara, Jerry owns and operates Images Unique Photography, LLC and Jividen’s Naturally Wild Photo Adventures. His photo assignments and travels take him to many landscapes and ecosystems across North America to photograph natural history. His subjects range from small microspecies of plants to coastal Grizzly Bears in Alaska, and many species in between. Jerry’s work has been published in books, magazines, calendars and travel planners for scores of recognized publishers. His recent work includes photos appearing in numerous state field guides for Adventure Publications and photo illustrations for National Geographic Kids magazine in six languages (Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Romanian, Turkish, English). Other photo credits include National Geographic Books Division, Writer’s Digest, Field & Stream, Birds & Blooms, Reminisce, SkyWest, Bronx Zoo, Falcon Press and Standard Publishing. Though his ventures take him far from home, one of his favorite places is the Hocking Hills Region of Ohio.

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Barb Jividen – Board Member

Barb JividenBarbara Jividen, wife and business partner of Jerry Jividen, is also a Charter member and one of the original founders of this organization. She is also a co-founder and event coordinator for Shoot the Hills Photography Competition, an official fundraiser and popular event held annually in the Hocking Hills. The mission of the photo contest is to build and maintain permanent wildlife viewing blinds in the Hocking Hills State Park, which are open to the public. Barbara oversees and manages the daily operations of the couple’s business office and their active client list of commercial photography accounts. She also teaches photography for the Adult Education Department at Pickaway-Ross Career and Technology Center. Both she and Jerry hold teaching certificates in photography from the Ohio Department of Teacher Education and Certification. Barbara is also very engaged in nature photography, but also enjoys doing wedding photography. Consequently, she operates Images Unique Weddings, where a total of six wedding photographers execute dozens of weddings annually. Barbara comes from a background in writing and publishing, and still serves as contributing editor for several publications. She shares many photo credits with Jerry on both a national and international level, and together their photography has appeared on more than 100 magazine and book covers. And, like her husband, one of her favorite places is the Hocking Hills.

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Alex Snyder 

Alex SnyderFor being only 18 years old, Alex Snyder has come to accomplish much in his young age. For the past three years Alex has been a professional nature and wildlife photographer, having been published nationally for not only his photography but his writing as well. A majority of his free time, however, has been devoted to volunteering at Hocking Hills State Park.

At the age of 13 Alex’s grandparent’s became VIP’s (Volunteer In Parks), which sparked an interest. By the age of 14 Alex had also become a volunteer for the park, helping with the campground duties and Visitor information. A year after the Friends of Hocking Hills State Park was established, Alex became the youngest to be elected onto the Board of Directors. Sine then he has been appointed to the Chair of the Membership Committee.

This Fall Alex will be attending Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication, majoring in Photojournalism. Although, his schedule may become more hectic in the coming year, he still plans to devote his time to the efforts of the Friends group.

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Eric Hoffman – Vice President

Eric HoffmanEric has been photographing for over 30 years now. As a teenager, Eric came down with friends to spend the day hiking the Hocking Hills and taking photos. In the early 80’s Eric attended Hocking College where he majored in the Natural Resources. After some seasonal jobs with the parks he went back to Columbus and worked for Cord Camera for almost 10 years as a store manager, but with a dream of returning to the Hocking Hills. It was at that time he started doing weekend workshops by having customers meet him at Old Man’s Cave and spend time teaching them how to use their new cameras.

In 1995 Eric moved from Columbus to the Hocking Hills and continued working for Cord Camera for a few more years. It was in 2002 when Eric started work on creating The Old Bear’s Den Nature Photography Workshop and Educational Center, and opened in the spring of 2003, where he does scheduled workshops throughout the year and by appointment for more personal attention.

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